Greetings Rotary Leaders,

I’m writing today to say thank you to the countless volunteers who contributed to making the Motor City Zone a huge success.

Our dream was to bring our Zone leadership to Detroit to showcase the great city that we know it is – the comeback kid story! I truly believe that Detroit is going through a cultural renaissance and I wanted you to see her in all it’s splendor. Well folks – we did it. People are raving about Detroit and I am getting hundreds of messages that you are coming back for more.

There were literally dozens and dozens of volunteers from across our 28 districts that took time to pick up hundreds of our visitors from the airport, acted as greeters, took photographs, produced an outstanding program, participated as training leaders, acted as Sergeant at Arms, hosted receptions, and provided hospitality and inspiration. If this were a report card, all I can say is A+++.



A very special thank you to our conference Co-Chairs PDG Bruce and DGE Sue Goldsen and Training Coordinators PDG Steve Zabor and PDG Bruce Baumberger. How do Nick and I even begin to thank you for the months and months and months of full time effort that you put into making this event flawless. You represent the very best of Rotary and your dedication to perfection is unrivaled.

To all of you incredible Rotarians who were involved in training our future leadership as well as executing all of the event logistics – thank you. I hesitate to begin naming names because we are grateful to each person who played a role in making this event a success.

Also, sincere thanks to the Chuck and Dee Family Foundation for providing the opportunity for youth attendees from the Detroit and Windsor area to participate in the first ever Youth Leadership Program. It was outstanding and these young people were exposed to incredible speakers as well as their own leadership track. I believe this will have a big impact on their future.

What I love most is that each one of you had a personal experience and in talking with so many of you – you have shared highlight moments of either the incredible music, our power pack of speakers or special events – and brilliantly, none of them are the same.

To each of you that played a role, no matter however large or small, please know that you have our eternal gratitude. We are truly blessed to share this Rotary journey together with each of you.


We love you all.

Jennifer and Nick