“Congratulations! Your video, “iFeed” was selected as the best video in the 2015 Interact Video Awards!”
With this announcement a service project created and carried out by the five Interact Clubs of the great La Crosse, Wisconsin area was recognized for it’s “creativity, teamwork, and the ability to activate an entire community in service.
Five schools, Logan, Aquinas, Central, Holmen and West Salem have active Interact Clubs. Early in 2015 they determined to do a community service project that soon was soon expanded to include an international service component.
The Interact Clubs conceived of a one-day drive to replenish the food pantry’s of the three communities involved. This plan evolved into a collaborative effort with the “Kids Against Hunger” program that involved the packaging of a high protein meal that would provide for families in Nicaragua.
In November the plans came to fruition with several hundred members of the community gathering at a local high school to help with the food collection and the packaging of the meals. At the end of the day the local food banks were the recipients of over 30,000 food items and over 50,000 meals were created and have been sent to Nicaragua.
Rotary’s Programs for Young Leaders Team concluded their congratulations by thanking the Interact Clubs for their commitment to Interact and their dedicated service to the local and international community.
Such is the future of Rotary...Interact, Rotary service at its very best!
Take a peek at their winning entry.