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Simplified billing process gets positive reviews from club leaders
The single-page invoice that Rotary clubs received in January, which replaces a complex document they'd previously had to complete, is being cheered by many club officers. In the past, club secretaries had to fill out an eight-part semiannual report to calculate the amount their club owed Rotary International for membership dues, subscriptions, and outstanding balances. New members were written in, old members were crossed out, and many calculations were required before the club treasurer could pay the invoice. "Nobody wanted to do the semiannual report; it was confusing," says Gail...

Dear Fellow Zones 28-29 Rotarians,
Welcome to our new website.  We hope you take advantage of the multiple opportunities and information available on the site.  It is a thrill to be able to share so much in such a concise manner.
I would also encourage you to link to your District websites.  We promise the information available will be of assistance to all the Rotarians we serve.
We need to continue to engage all of our members in our organization's strategic goals.  Our website offers information on membership attraction and engagement through our vibrant Rotary Clubs.  It has information to assist us in the ongoing support of OUR Rotary Foundation through our generous contributions and continued participation in Global and District Grants that are changing the lives of millions of people.  And, our website can assist our members in sharing their Rotary stories to our internal and external audiences.
Please take the time to browse through the website.  It will help make each of us stronger Rotarians.  And, I hope your pride in YOUR Rotary membership will grow with every visit.

Best regards,
Mary Beth Growney Selene, RI Director 2013-15, Zones 28 and 29


Membership Growth Begins with YOU! 

Rotary gives our members the ability to make a difference, and provides an exclusive benefit to our members to follow their passion in helping others. Rotary empowers our membership to dream large in addressing needs in local and international communities. There is no other organization that has the structure, the network and resources that are available to its membership. Individual members create our projects – from the global eradication of polio, to a local beautification project, our members determine our action.
What you can dream, you can create. What you can dream, you can be

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